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latino voters up compared to just two months ago. they find 45% of latino voters say they're more likely to vote, up 8% from just ten weeks ago. the poll also found support for the president matching an all-time high this year with 73% choosing president obama. let me bring in msnbc and nbc latino contributor victoria defrancesco soto, a senior fellow at the university of texas. >> greetings from austin, chris. >> an article in "the washington post" talked about president obama's election strategist david plouffe being so crucial. it depends on plouffe's ability to activate the latino, african-american and young voters who have a more erratic track record shows up at the polls and thus often not up counted as likely voters. the article says plouffe took that voter base for granted. do you agree with the poll. are you sengsing growing enthusiasm among latino voters? >> we're seeing growing enthusiasm, and in particular we see that enthusiasm grow over the past ten weeks. latino decisions has been tracking latino enthusiasm for the past ten weeks. it started out at lower level and increase
latino serÁ clave, juan carlos gonzÁlez, nos dice. >>> el nÚmero de colegios electorales es equivalente a la cantidad de representantes de cÁmara baja y senadores de cada estado, determinados en base a la poblaciÓn, california con 53 congresistas, y dos senadores igual a 55, el nÚmero de colegios electorales que escogen el presidente de estados unidos. >>> el pueblo vota, y cuando vota, aunque sea por la mayorÍa de una sola persona, todos los electores del estado se le van al candidato que ganÓ en el voto popular. >>> hay 538 colegios electorales o delegados, asÍ lucia en tÉrminos de hace 4 aÑos, lase cosas cambiaron por el censo del 2010, florida, texas y california vieron un incremento en el Último de colegios electorales, otros cuentan con menos, de acuerdo al catedrÁtico aumentÓ la representacion de latinos. >>> en los estados donde creciÓ la poblaciÓn latina, y obtuvieron un representante mÁs, ese voto serÁ importante, puede hacer la diferencia en la Última cuenta en la matemÁtica. la comunidad hispana decidirÍa la elecciÓn. >>> 270 es el nÚmero mÁgico, el nÚm
district is about -- i want to say 40% chinese. about 7-10% african-american. 30% latino, but i don't have the exact breakdown with me. then in order to sort of get a sense of the data, because there is a lot. what we did was we made pie charts for each of the groups that are groups that we're either targeting or asked about for comparison reasons. so if you look at the next chart, this chart represents 100% of the african-american students who are current 11th graders in our school system and then it shows how many are in each of the five categories. so the way to read this is that we have 323 african-american students who are current juniors. 84 of them are on-track with 110 credits plus have met their a-g markers. 153 of them have the credits, but are missing the marker. 45 are off-track with the credits. they are below 30 credits or more, or 30 credits. and then you have 24 who are moderately off-track and then 17 of our current juniors who are african-americans who are severely off-track. the next chart represents our latino students, who are current 11th graders for the cla
conversations among the students and that the african-american kids and the latino kids who get these preferences are going to say something to the white kids and the asian kids that is it just has overwhelming compelling educational benefits. that's it. that is the university of texas is are doing. that is the exception to the principal of nondiscrimination that the supreme court has recognized to. i think that is ridiculous. and indeed there are social scientists of their. increasingly these educational benefits, which, you know me get only a marginal and provide to education are disputed it's important for the court to bear in mind, and the court jurisprudence is moving this way that even if there are some educational benefits the costs that are inherent in engaging in this discrimination something is compelling and if an interest is compelling and, you got to consider the inherent liabilities and the racial discrimination that involves to crime. what are some of the costs of racial discrimination and the university missions? why should notice by heart but i don't and this is
including harvey milk democrati! club, wallenberg jewish, latino democraticó african-american democratic club and thekx chargest chinesey(úvzh newspaper 9 i am deeply honored to have such win reelection and continue working on behalf of san francisco's working families i need yourkn help. big landlords, real estate developers and downtown special interests are flooding the richió thousands of dollars in a campaign7wuz i real reason for opposing me because i stand up for you andf: neighborhoods' needs first. with your help we can set the vote and the votes of your family we can fight off the special interesta81a and4n continue the progress ovr the past four yef+yj richmond t san francisco back on the right track. thank you so much for your time andi >> hello. my name is joeyÑfk butler. i am a candidate for supervisor in district 3. celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. we met, married, and raised our i am an architect, and small business owner. i havm 29 years, first on russian hill, i am running to be a positive unifying force for oursqúk÷ neighborhoods. in 1995, i, and three
, communities of color, you have gay african-american men, latino men infected on a daily basis. people forget we still have people dying of aids. i had a close friend of mine who recently passed away of aids, michael goldstein, and he was an advocate for hiv prevention for finding a cure for hiv. and you can think of so many michael goldsteins. and dr. colfax and other people mentioned that. their memory lives on. and i think that we owe it to them to continue to recommit ourselves, rededicate ourselves to making sure that we prevent the spread of this disease, and that we do find a cure for this disease. and i just think about, you know, the possibilities with this building. this could well be the place where we do find a cure for aids. and if it's going to happen anywhere, why wouldn't it happen in san francisco? we have always led the way on so many different things. you know, the city of harvey milk is a city that has always recognized the dignity and humanity of every person and it's in line with that spirit that we are here today. and i do want to thank our mayor because as supervisor w
have on our staff. we have a south asian managing director, south african artistic director, latino community out rich person. aside from the staff, the other people, artists that we work with being a reflection of us, yes, the community is changing, but brava has always tried to be ahead of that trend. when i
by catholics and some protestants. during this time, many latinos also observe what they call the day of the dead, when it's believed the spirits of the departed return to earth. >>> finally, as we reported, for muslims around the world, the hajj the traditional pilgrimage to mecca began this week. for muslim children at the dar al hijrah islamic center in falls church, virginia, there is a mock hajj where they learn what pilgrims to mecca do by pretending to do the same things at their weekend school. our guide was imam johari abdul-malik. >> the journey to this house once in your lifetime is, in the islamic tradition, a requirement. and so people will leave their familiar and they will come to this house established by abraham. but 6 million people cannot fit inside this house and so people will pray around the house. seven circuits around the ka'ba is the tradition. and in the corner of the ka'ba, there is the black stone, which, it is believed by muslims, to have fallen from heaven. when hagar was left in mecca, by abraham, with her baby, she was looking for water. and the traditi
-american achievement gaps in high schools, which we also ended up talking about the latino achievement gaps and it was really alarming. very disappointing the statistics that we heard today. as miss johnson mentioned we're asking that the housing authority hearings finally be made public, because we need more transparency this and we're asking for a right to return to public housing. we wrote legislation about that, so we have been spending tons of time in the community. >> miss selby. >> i just wanted to say what i want for this district, i don't have the advantage of actually being in office now, but what i want for this district is a safe and thriving district and i want a strong voice for neighborhoods at city hall. i'm the only mother who is running and when i win, i will be the only mother at the board of supervisors. i am the small business person, had my own small business for the last ten years. believe me, i know what this city does and doesn't do for small business and it can definitely do more. finally i believe i'm the only president of a neighborhood and merchant organizatio
on the african, latino and other students. it is making, we are really making an effort to learn more about the plans to respond to this urgent problem. and it feels the parents like a crisis and actually i have been in a number of meetings and i am glad to say that the district is responding to it as a crisis and has an action plan in place for both the short-term and also we are glad to see some conversation about the longer term strategies to resolve the barriers to graduation that many students are facing, kind of institutional barriers. we have been participating in a lot of different meetings and just before the board meeting tonight i was in a meeting with the district staff had convened with a lot of community organizations that serve youth, and certain familis in different parts of the city. which was great. and i know that there are many, there is the task force, the graduation requirements task force and the select committee with the board of supervisors and the board of education working together and talking about this issue. and the pac is actively participating with community
beisbolistas latinos, el toletero venezolano, pablo el panda sandoval. el jugador mÁs valioso del torneo. y sergio romo, salvÓ 3 de los 4 juegos que ganÓ su equipo, en hora buena a los gigantes y sus seguidores en la ciudad de san francisco. bien merecido. >>> felicidades. >>> bueno, en... a pesar de advertencia de las autoridades muchos decidieron en atender la orden de evacuaciÓn. >>> entre ellos algunos inmigrantes hispanos, le tendremos su historia al regresar >>> imÁgenes de la lluvia que cae sobre la capital del paÍs producto del huracÁn sandy. como suele ocurrir los inmigrantes los mÁs afectados. felix hablÓ con un grupo de ellos en naou jersey. y los que tienen muy poco, en hora podrÍas perderlo todo. nos espera una larga noche. >>> millones de viviendas que no estÁn preparada para el sapo doy de una tormenta. se conocieron en el trabajo. a pesar que el agua ya recorre el ve zendz rÍo no piensan en evacuaciÓn. >>> no sienten que tengan un lugar seguro para salir. >>> ¿adonde? new york estÁ peor, atlanta ni se diga. >>> no tenemos donde irnos. por eso nos quedamos aquÍ
as president and he has been unfriendly to hispanics and latinos and women in this state are pro choice and want to make their own health care decisions. the republican party has said to women, we know what is best and we don't want you to make your own decisions and that is why president obama will carry colorado. >>chris: now, the economy, which everyone agrees is the number one concern for voters, senator johnson, in wisconsin, let me put up some numbers. the unemployment rate is now nationally down to 7.8 percent and g.d.p. growth in the third quarter rose from 1.3 percent in the second quarter to 2.0 but, still, it is a weak recovery, but, are the president's policies starting to turn things around? >>guest: no, we have had a meager recovery, and it has been tepid and all you can say as far as the g.d.p., it is less bad news. after the wisconsin debate, wisconsin saw governor romney is a man of integrity and intelligence, a man with a plan, unlike president obama who has no proposals to save social security or medicare or unlike the democrats in the senate who have not pass add bud
. there was a swiss girl. there was an indian guy, vinay. it was he and a couple of others. >> my roommate was latino. i mean, it was awesome. it was a cultural soup that really tasted good for everyone, you know, and he was in thei center oit. >> narrator: eventually, he took an important step. >> i asked, you know."barry obama. what kind of name is that for a brother? you know, where are you from exactly?" and he said, "well, i'm from hawaii, but my father was kenyan. and his name was barack obama. and i go by barry so that i don't have to explain my name all the time, and go into a long explanation of myself." and so i said, "well, if your name is barack obama, i'm going to call you barack obama because i like that name. >> narrator: in the school's literary magazine, barry now identified himself as barack obama. >> i think the word "barack" is absolutely essential to that identity of being, "i am a man. i am a man with a future. i need to be prepared for whatever that is going to be. i don't know the answers yet. but i sure as heck know i won't get there if i hang out and take things for granted
for women voters, the fight for latino voters, how much that's going to impact. >>> plus, what are we going to see from either a romney administration or an obama second term? we'll get into that right after this break. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >>> coming up, what to expect after the election. more with our roundtable after this. pantene beautiful lengths. the pro-v keratin protection system, helps prevent breakage and repairs split ends and the program donates $1,000,000 to help woman fighting cancer. so getting longer stronger hair also means i care, that i like! beautiful lengths from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. beautiful lengths from pantene. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... .
as a president and has been unfriendly to hispanics and latinos and women want to make their own health care decisions and the republican party has in effect said to women, we know what is best for you and don't want you to make your own discussions and those are reegsreegs reasons the president will carry colorado. >> chris: you gave us a lot 0 chew on, let's start with the economy which everyone agrees is the number one concern for voters. senator johnson in wisconsin, let me put up numbers, the unemployment rate is nationally 7.8% and gdp growth in the third quarter rose from 1.3% in the second quarter to 2.0 and it is still a weak recovery but aren't the president's policies starting to turn things around? >> no, we have had incredibly tepid, meager recovery, and the fact that gdp rose 2%, all you can say is it is less bad news and what happened here in wisconsin, after the first debate, the very false character president obama spent hundreds of millions of dollars portraying governor romney was shattered and when wisconsin saw it, he was a man with integrity and intelligence and had a p
the demographic issue. the fight for women voters, the fight for latino voters, how much that's going to impact. >>> plus, what are we going to see from either a romney administration or an obama i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ appeal award two years in a row. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability
's really the case of what we may see. the country is more latino than it used to be. a lot of these states that are on the border like north carolina have more african-americans than it did four years ago, so all -- we don't want to get too much into the methodology of polls, but the number of total voters exist may be bigger than what the media is including in their numbers. >> bill: maine, michigan minnesota, new mexico nevada pennsylvania, that those are basically -- these are toss-up states but say look like they are going to go for obama. >> i think the president is up something like six points in nevada which is a huge deal for him. >> bill: yeah, that's six leaning republican, they only have two. arizona and north carolina. and north carolina could still go the other way. >> yeah. >> bill: in the middle toss up and this is what it really comes down to, seven colorado, florida, iowa -- where i think the president is still up -- new hampshire -- which last i saw the president is still up -- ohio which is the president is up by five at least in o
factors. let's whip through some of them beginning with latino enthusiasm in colorado. >> yeah, this is a place that the president thought he would have a big advantage, but now is struggling. he is hoping to make up what he's lost with white women, with white men with latinos, he had that amazing line in the interview for "the des moines register" endorsement that you were just talking about where he said to the editors, not knowing at the time that it was going to be released. since we're talking off the reco record, the reason that i'm going to win is hispanics. he's been doing a lot better with them in nevada, though, than he is in colorado. another hidden factor is governor scott walker's turnout operation in wisconsin. this is the flip side of what the president has working for him in nevada. in nevada because of harry reid, they know every last democrat. in wisconsin, because of scott walker, they know every last republican. another big "x" factor, barnicle was talking about the storm as the ultimate wild card. here's one of the reasons that it could really be disruptive
income kids, most of them have working families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal. this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home except medicaid pays for its. to the senate to ohio and is blamed the state and say your mother can stay in yours cannot? maybe worst of all, medicare provides health care to help for disabled children in homes that [inaudible] even upper-middle-class homes because this party take care of a child with autism or a developmental disability. you want to cut this ta? it is wrong. it is wrong. there is still will not be enough money to balance the budget. barack obama has a better education and health care plan. it better energy plan. we are all in this together. you are not on your own. it is consistent with good economics. shared responsibility in prosperity, not trickled down. it is consistent
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)